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The Chip Shop Awards 2019: Finalists

As a creative industry a lot of our most “out there” ideas can end up saved in the bottom drawer for a rainy day. Perhaps they don’t fit the brief or solve the right problem, right now. For whatever reason, they may never see the light of day.

So what happens when the rulebook gets ripped up, and creatives are given free rein to be a bit cheeky, daring or brutally honest? Out of the chip pan and into the fryer, we present the creative ideas that made it to the shortlist of this year’s Chip Shop Awards.

With an open brief of “work that has to be brilliant”, TMS creatives Stephen Bushe, Sandy Cameron and Kate Applebee tackled tense and trending subjects – from Brexit to plastic pollution – with a brand lens. All in the name of creative freedom. Scroll down to see the work that made the cut.


Best Use of Ambient / Gymbox / Sandy Cameron


On the way to the gym? Don’t wait until you get there to get started, get into the zone and start your routine early with these simple out-of-gym choices.


Ad Most Likely To Start World War 3 / Vanish / Sandy Cameron


A CIA investigation has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, in early October 2018. The evidence of this crime has been scrubbed away as if it didn’t happen – it has simply vanished into thin air.


Best Political / AA / Kate Applebee


Driving in Europe is about to become even harder…or is it? Brexit means, well, no one really knows anymore. But at least you know no matter what the breakdown problem is, you’re in safe hands with the AA.


Best Ad From The Future / C.O.L.A / Stephen Bushe


One day, all single use plastic items will be geo-tagged to enable us to name and shame the polluters of our oceans.

We are C.O.L.A – the Clean Ocean Liberation Army – and next time you share a Coke with the ocean, we will trash your name until you see the error of your ways. Cup of tea anyone?